Telephone Verification
This service will allow you to verify your members by using telephone verification. The end-user will enter their telephone number and have the option to get a PIN number sent via SMS or through a call. If the PIN number is correct the user can successfully be verified.

Telephone Rates

Pricing differs from country to country and whether you are sending a phone call or SMS text. You can view a full pricing breakdown by clicking here.

Integration Steps

  1. Create a form on your website for the end-user to enter their telephone number. Provide options on the form to receive a phone call or SMS text.

  2. Use the Telephone Call or Telephone SMS API to place the telephone call or SMS text. The API service will return a reference ID.

  3. Create another form for the end-user to enter the PIN number they received from our system.

  4. Use the Telephone Status API using the reference ID returned in step #2 and PIN number from the end-user. The API will return the status of the phone call or SMS text and whether or not the PIN number is correct.

If you will like to find out more about this service then please click here.