Proxy IPs
Custom algorithms and technology return a score for each IP that is looked up. Scores range from 0-5 with 5 being the highest an IP can receive for being a proxy IP (0 = no risk, 5 = very bad / high risk).

Please take a look at the scoring breakdown below.

Score = 0

The IP address is considered safe at this time and has no signs of any fraud. However this can change at a later date.

Score = 1

The IP address is marked as low risk and only has had small signs of being a proxy. It is recommended to block this IP if you want no risk whatsoever.

Score = 2

The IP address is marked as medium risk and is a known proxy server. We highly recommend blocking this IP address.

Score = 3-5

The IP address is marked as high risk and should be blocked without question. The higher the score the more public and dangerous it is.

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