API Services - Code Names - Telephone Cleansed
Below is a list of telephone cleansed codes returned when using the Telephone Lookup API.

Code Description Detail
100 No Changes / Exact No changes were made to the phone number. The phone number was formatted properly, and no cleansing was required.
101 Changed The phone number was changed to ensure call completion. For example, extraneous digits were removed, such as 011, or additional digits were added to meet dialing rules.
102 Restricted Number The phone number entered is a restricted phone number. Phone numbers that are restricted include premium rate numbers, short codes (such as emergency services numbers), satellite phones, etc.
103 No Match The phone number appears to be formatted correctly, but cannot be matched to any specific area.
104 Invalid The phone number is not correctly formatted.
105 Partial Match The phone number length is too long or too short.