API Services
Our application programming interface (API) services is a way to get access to our services in the background of your website. You will be able to connect to our servers and get the requested information without the user ever knowing. Some common understanding of programming will be needed in order to integrate our API services.

Obtain Your API Key

The first step is to obtain your API Key. The API Key is a 32 character string used to validate that the account is yours. To get the API Key navigate back to ProxStop's home and click on Users, then API Services on the left hand side or click here. Your API Key will be activated once you have purchased points.

Determine Position

The next step is to determine where exactly you will be checking to see if the visitor's IP address is a proxy or if the e-mail used is fraudulent. A couple examples of good places to use this is: user registration, user login, shopping cart purchase, page containing sensitive data or before posting data.

Installing API Integration

The final step is to install the API Services on your server. A programmer will need to send the IP/e-mail address to our servers and read the response that is received. To get specific details on how to integrate our services then please refer to the menu on the left side.