JavaScript Integration
Our JavaScript integration tool is one of the easiest methods to implement. All you do is simply place the JavaScript code anywhere you like inside of your template. Our server will then process whether the user is using a proxy or not. You can configure how strict you want the selection process to be which will range from High, Medium and Low. The user will then either be redirected a custom URL, shown a blank page or shown a custom message.

Creating The Script

The first step is to create a script by logging into your ProxStop user account and navigating to the JavaScript Integration tool. To get the JavaScript Integration tool navigate back to ProxStop's home and click on Users, then JavaScript Integration on the left hand side or click here. Then simply click "Create Script" and fill out the form. Be sure to read up on selecting the right Detection Action and Detection Level. After you finish filling out the form you will be provided with code to place on your website.

Determine Code Position

The second step is to determine where on your website you will be placing this JavaScript code. If you plan on not showing a ProxStop banner then we recommend putting the script code between your <head> tags. Putting it at the start of the document ensures that the user will not see any part of your website if using a proxy. If you plan on showing a ProxStop banner then feel free to place the script code anywhere on your website. Just note that the further down the page the script code is, then the more content the visitor may see before being blocked.